This honda cbr250r service manual pdf is a compilation of the experiences communicated through the  Transalp-Forum. It is based on the contributions of various Transalp riders who passed their knowledge on to others.

Link to german language site,  link to english language site,  Link to transalp. All other links are internal links to targets on this page. Please mail supplementations, dead or additional links to the Keeper of the TA-FAQs. Accessory air filters are no good, they have often been the reason of bad engine performance and backfires. Occasional backfires can be regarded as normal. The air filter might be clogged, or the intake mufflers leak. The latter can be diagnosed by using Start Pilot spray: Sprayed on the intake mufflers with the engine idling, a leak will cause the engine to rev up.

It might help in this case to remove the spacers in the muffler clamps, this allows to tighten the joint more. Backfires can also be caused by a jammed choke cable or choke piston, these are easily removed and checked. A repair with 2-component glue might work. The look of the spark plugs can help to diagnose this. It may also help to turn out the idling mixture adjusting screw on the carburetor for a half to a full turn.

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