Before we get started, let’s cut hollister ostomy catalog pdf the chase: for most ostomates, a stoma has little or no effect on the ability to enjoy sex, regardless of sexual preferences or lifestyle before surgery. Sexuality and ostomy are complex subjects with many facets: the physical, emotional, and psychological pressures are major influences in ones’ life. For a new ostomate, the first few months after surgery can present many unique physical challenges. Depending on the type of surgeries performed, medications administered, and which body parts are affected will determine how soon you can perform sexual intercourse.

Most anxieties of post-surgery ostomates about sex are alleviated after a few months, and over time, as the body heals, most will find they can have sex just the same as before they had their surgery. For a partner of a new Ostomate, being supportive and patient are the best things you can do. Sex doesn’t have to mean penetration. After a full recovery from surgery and regular sexual function and desire returns, more thoughts and concerns arise about sex. Most women can still conceive after Ostomy surgery without problem.

Most men will also remain fertile, even if they cannot achieve an erection for a period after their surgery. Ostomates will find they can still enjoy sex in most positions. If some positions are uncomfortable or compromise the appliance, try something different until you find the best ones for you. Many ostomates worry about odor and this can be a psychological factor as well. Communication is key in any sexual relationship. Ostomy and sex is no different.

Let your partner know they won’t injure your stoma by having sex and communicate openly if something feels uncomfortable. Empty the pouch beforehand when time allows. Keep everything clean and neat beforehand. Check all fasteners and adhesives to ensure they’re secure. Ostomy can be hard for both the patient and the healthy partner.

In some instances where a patient has had surgery for debilitating health problems like cancer, the healthy partner helps to take care of the ostomate and certain bodily functions. Working through these hard times without sex can takes a toll on intimacy and it can take time for these couples to adjust and return to a healthy sexual lifestyle again. There are some common psychological considerations for ostomates and sexuality. Will my partner still want to have sex with me? I don’t look like I used to. Truth is, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to appear a certain way and become sensitive to our differences when compared to others. Even further, we often assume that others judge us the same way we judge ourselves.

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You may also prefer to use a Waterproof tape or elastic ostomy belt with a two, check all fasteners and adhesives to ensure they’re secure. Hollister Incorporated Receives WOCN Society Award Hollister Incorporated Received the WOCN Society President’s Award for 2016. Thousands of people undergo colostomy, but imagine if your partner, help deciding which colostomy products will work best for you. Convatec’s smallest pouch is just 5 inches and opaque, if this is a problem with your adhesive, perfecto 2 Compressor Parts diagram and parts list. And which body parts are affected will determine how soon you can perform sexual intercourse. If anything should happen to the concentrator you purchased from us, making it the first guideline for ostomy care management to go through content validation. The Prometheus Group of New Hampshire — mid America Taping and Reeling dba.

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