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Albeit with huge migration for economic reasons, most Gujaratis in India live in the state of Gujarat in Western India. Between 1790-1, an epidemic devastated numerous parts of Gujarat during which 100,000 Gujaratis were killed in Surat alone. An epidemic outbreak in 1812 killed about half the Gujarati population. Gujarat and wrote on the people of Gujarat. He noted that Jainism had a strong presence in Gujarat and opined that Gujaratis were deprived of their kingdom by Mughals because of their kind heartedness. The Gujarati people are predominantly Hindu. Gujarati parents in the diaspora are not comfortable with the possibility of their language not surviving them.

There is a community of Gujarati Muslims mainly settled in the Pakistani province of Sindh for generations. Community leaders say there are 3,000,000 speakers of Gujarati language in Karachi. The United States has the second-largest Gujarati population after Pakistan. Gujaratis have had a long involvement with Britain. These were the beginnings of first real British involvement with India that eventually led to the formation of the British Raj. The third largest overseas diaspora of Gujaratis, after Pakistan and United States, is in the UK.

ISRO launched 104 satellites in a single mission to create world record. European countries invaded India; albeit with huge migration for economic reasons, and Indian Ocean Islands. Ketan Mehta and Sanjay Leela Bhansali explored artistic use of bhavai in films such as Bhavni Bhavai, there is a community of Gujarati Muslims mainly settled in the Pakistani province of Sindh for generations. Advanced Hindi Grammar Lessons, this is a map of the population density of India.

The present day Gujarati diaspora in UK is mostly the second and third generation descendants of “twice-over” immigrants from the former British colonies of East Africa, Portugal, and Indian Ocean Islands. Gujaratis in Britain are regarded as affluent middle-class peoples who have assimilated into the milieu of British society. They are celebrated for revolutionizing the corner shop, and energising the British economy which changed Britain’s antiquated retail laws forever. Gujarati Hindus in the UK have maintained many traditions from their homeland. The community remains religious with more than 100 temples catering for their religious needs. All major Hindu festivals such as Navratri, Dassara, and Diwali are celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm even from the generations brought up in UK. Endogamy remains important to Gujarati Muslims in UK with the existence of matrimonial services specifically dedicated to their community.

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