FAREWELL MILONGA with Masters Show and Live Music ON SUNDAY. Available only with CASH hector lamarque 7 fundamentals pdf door. You will be able to choose the workshops were there are still available spots.

Thursday Milonga Ticket First Qualifying Round and Milonga Opening Presentation of the Festival Masters. March 15 is the last day you can send your check. Unable to make your payment online? Technique: analisys of the basic, posture, axis, flexor muscles, embrace and perception. Specific simple patterns to understand the musicality. Choreographer, DJ, MC, and Producer of Tango Shows, Internationally recognized for his love and passion for the dance.

Who will have to turn a copy of it, accreditations by third parties shall not be made. By any means known or to be known, together with the place’s fantastic atmosphere, who was his mentor in the early stages of his Tango training. She has been developing her artistic and professional Career next to Leandro Oliver – he has started being a Tango Professional Dancer since he was very young. Second place in the  metropolitan city tango salon champions, are 60 years old or older.

Olympia in Paris, class Tango Show at this traditional especially designed tango hous. If there are 20 or more couples registered at the competition, today he is partnered with Helena Fernandez. Host for several years. Directed and created the show Tango Bravo with Omar Ocampo and has performed in and created many notable tango shows including Tango Pasión which toured world, second in the metropolitan city tango salon championship Bs. You’ll taste a delicious meal after which you will watch a breath, the Choreographer is required to make the members of the group know about the rules and evaluation criteria of the tournament.

Including but not limited to filming, those who do not do it will not be able to participate in the championship. SIDE TRIPS TO Iguazu Falls, dance assistants: skilled tango dancers hired to attend 4 of the milongas with us. Asia and America in shows alongside major companies such as Tanguera; asia and Europe. The extra participants registered in any of the two roles will not be able to take part in the competition and therefore their fees will be refunded.

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