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Please forward this error screen to 67. We are approved to provide modular distance learning courses for EASA pilot licences, from PPL through CPL to ATPL for aeroplanes and helicopters, plus a few others, including the Instrument Rating. Prestwick, in Scotland and at Helicentre in Lelystad, near Amsterdam. We specialise in converting ICAO professional licences over to the EASA equivalents in CPL training and ATPL training.

The process is quick and efficient as our notes and progress tests have been designed to train you for the exams as painlessly as possible while you are still employed, particularly in the off season. For example, our progress tests are online and can be done anywhere there is an internet connection. Otherwise, for those who are not already professionals, your real training starts in your first job, and what you learn before then is often all there is between you and an accident, which is why our training goes that little bit beyond the basic syllabus by incorporating safety at every level. Chief Pilots know that it’s not just hours that count, but attitude! I chose Caledonian as my preferred trainer because of the industry experience of the Head Trainer and the no-nonsense “straight to the point” concise nature of the training and course notes.

We will support you within the 18 month time limit for the exams, but it is wise to check if you want to take the exams in your own country. We can also take credit card payments through paypal, it depends on your career path. Please also email us with your address so we can get the printing process started. You DO have to do all the progress tests and mock exams BEFORE you take the real exams, you still do the work! Note that you cannot take the UK; this credit was carried over into Part FCL. Based exams in another country — kept under lock and key in a secure place.

If you are going to succeed as an instrument-rated commercial pilot, you need to be self-motivated and capable of making your own decisions and adapting to a high workload. Oddly enough, these same skills and mindset are needed if you are going to have any chance of passing your exams. In that respect, Phil’s course is ideal in that it’s not the quantity of the information that ultimately will get you across the line, it’s quality and the attitude you develop towards your training. In my case, I started the course in November 2013 and completed in July 2014, passing all 14 exams on the first try over three sittings whilst being a 49 year old father of two and working full time. Another consideration that many pilots forget is that, if you do the minimum work for your exams, for example, by learning the answers rather than the material, it will be painfully obvious to the interview panel when you finally go for a job.

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