Obama’s birth certificate Nothing defines the birther movement more than controversy over Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Birthers demand that Obama release his freemasons for dummies pdf certificate, when in fact he did already, back in June of 2008.

The location of birth is a clerical error. The location of birth is really the location of registration. Hawaii allows registration of any child in Hawaii over one year old as being born in Hawaii. Hawaii allows residents to register foreign-born children as being born in Hawaii.

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A Certification of Live Birth is not a birth certificate. There were no laser printers when Obama was born in 1961. Hawaii Act 96 allows for a birth certificate to be issued for someone born out of state. Sun Yat-Sen the first President of China has a Hawaiian birth certificate and he was born in China so this proves anybody can get a Hawaiian birth certificate. The Department of Hawaii Homelands declared that the short-form birth certificate was not sufficient evidence and also that such a certificate is not proof of birth in Hawaii.

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