The Department of Academic Advancement and Enrichment coordinates services that meet the needs of gifted free nnat practice test pdf high ability students in Hampton City Schools. Included in these services are Gifted Education Services, and the International Baccalaureate program.

We look forward to serving the educational needs of your children! Parents of gifted students:  Each year the gifted Local Advisory Committee seeks information and feedback from our parents, in order to continuously improve our gifted programs. Please complete this very short survey and let us know what you think! How are students IDENTIFIED for gifted services? Students in grades K-12 are identified through the use of multiple criteria. How do gifted children EXPRESS themselves? While each child has unique characteristics, in general, gifted children and youth demonstrate exceptional reasoning, oral and written communication skills, and excellent problem solving abilities.

How can I have my child evaluated for gifted services? Parents, teachers, school administrators, or students may refer a student to be evaluated for gifted services. Referral forms may be obtained through the school counselors at each school. There is no deadline for referrals. The eligibility process may take up to 90 days.

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