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It first opened for service on 16 November 1979. The network is run by Metrorex. The first proposals for a metro system in Bucharest were made in the early part of the 20th century, by the Romanian engineers Dimitrie Leonida and Elie Radu. The earliest plans for a Bucharest Metro were drafted in the late 1930s, alongside the general plans for urban modernization of the city.

The outbreak of World War II, followed by periods of political tensions culminating with the installation of communism, put an end to the plans. A commission was set up, and its conclusion pointed to the necessity of an underground transit system that would become the Bucharest Metro. The construction on the new metro system started on 20 September 1975. The network was not built in the same style as other Eastern European systems. Firstly, the design of the stations on the initial lines was simple, clean-cut modern, without excessive additions such as mosaics, awkward lighting sources or excessive decoration. The main function of the stations was speed of transit and practicality. Lines M1 and M3 have been sharing the section between Eroilor and Nicolae Grigorescu.

Generally, the underground stations feature large interiors. The largest one, Piata Unirii, is cathedral-like, with vast interior spaces, hosting retail outlets and fast-food restaurants and has an intricate network of underground corridors and passageways. Metrorex is the Romanian company which runs the Bucharest Metro. It is fully owned by the Romanian Government through the Ministry of Transportation.

This section needs additional citations for verification. As of 2011, the entire network runs underground, except for a short stretch between Dimitrie Leonida and Berceni stations on the southern end of M2 line. The latter connection however is unused and mothballed. The network is powered by a bottom-contact third rail system except in works, depots and some tunnels where a catenary system is employed. It is circular with a North-Eastern spur. Runs in a North-South direction, crossing the center. Runs in an East-West direction, south of the center.

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