1875 geological map of Europe, compiled by the Belgian geologist André Dumont. Colors indicate the distribution of different rock types foundations of earth science 8th edition free pdf the continent, as they were known then. Geology describes the structure of the Earth beneath its surface, and the processes that have shaped that structure.

It also provides tools to determine the relative and absolute ages of rocks found in a given location, and also to describe the histories of those rocks. The majority of geological data comes from research on solid Earth materials. These typically fall into one of two categories: rock and unconsolidated material. The majority of research in geology is associated with the study of rock, as rock provides the primary record of the majority of the geologic history of the Earth. There are three major types of rock: igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic.

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To study all three types of rock, geologists evaluate the minerals of which they are composed. Each mineral has distinct physical properties, and there are many tests to determine each of them. Luster: Measurement of the amount of light reflected from the surface. Luster is broken into metallic and nonmetallic. Color: Minerals are grouped by their color.

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