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AFP is a major plasma protein produced by the yolk sac and the fetal liver during fetal development. It is thought to be the fetal analog of serum albumin. AFP is a glycoprotein of 591 amino acids and a carbohydrate moiety. AFP is the most abundant plasma protein found in the human fetus. Maternal plasma levels peak near the end of the first trimester, and begin decreasing prenatally at that time, then decrease rapidly after birth. Normal adult levels are usually achieved by the age of 8 to 12 months.

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The rodent AFP system can be overridden with massive injections of estrogen, which overwhelm the AFP system and will masculinize the fetus. The masculinizing effect of estrogens may seem counter-intuitive since estrogens are critical for the proper development of female secondary characteristics during puberty. However, this is not the case prenatally. In pregnant women, fetal AFP levels can be monitored in urine. Since AFP is quickly cleared from the mother’s serum via her kidneys, maternal urine AFP correlates with fetal serum levels, although the maternal urine level is much lower than the fetal serum level. AFP levels rise until about week 32. During this time, the normal range of AFP levels spans approximately 2 orders of magnitude.

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