Almost every serious prepper is fairly well versed in acquiring suitable weapons and anything else regarding first aid medicine list pdf. They make it a point to practice and learn how to use them to defend yourself against the evil enemies. But what many of us overlook and remain woefully absent of experience or knowledge is the flip side of the zombie coin.

And more importantly what COULD you do? Bandaid first aid’, but what would you do in real time? What if you face the squirting, spurting, bloody mess of a gaping blackish red hole in someone’s shoulder from a blast of AK fire from intruders trying to breach your camp perimeter defense? Well, pay seriously attention here, because this article might help you find some answers. There’s never ANY true substitute for proper emergency care by well-trained first responders, or REAL medics or doctors. But if you don’t have them in a bad SHTF scenario, a specific and easily learned knowledge and preparation for treatment of certain wounds dramatically increase at least the chance of the wounded person’s survival, when otherwise they would die in short time.

It’s pretty simple and fast once you have the right stuff in your survival med kit and familiarize yourself with the procedure described herein by watching videos of it how to use and do it. In some cases you can even patch yourself up like Rambo did if you are conscious, able, and determined to survive. Today, even combat medics have a sophisticated procedure and support system designed to be highly coordinated and successful in some venues rivaling any hospital ER set up. There are usually specially trained field surgeons close enough to the battle zone with advanced field trauma centers and supplies where a high rate of survival is achieved.

But this is NOT what we are talking about here. This is about your worst fear coming true as a prepper. OPSEC’ mode is discovered and breached and you are now fighting in a life and death match with only two outcomes. With bullet wounds, people initially usually die from bleeding out if a major critical organ is not hit to cause imminent death. Bleeding out enough to lose critical blood pressure will result in not enough irrigation to the brain which automatically causes ’Shock’ which then begins to shut the body functions down, ultimately causing death. To prevent this it is imperative to STOP any and ALL bleeding FAST.

For multiple wounds you may have to remove most of the clothing and if the weather is freezing, this can be a problem unless you can quickly get the wounded inside or have warm blankets handy. Be careful handling the wounded person because bullets also break bones on their way in and out that often can’t be seen. In the recent tragedy of the two uniform officers ambushed in the ongoing Ferguson, MO debacle one was struck in the shoulder and the exit wound was down in the lower back area! The second officer was hit in the face at the cheekbone and the bullet deflected to lodge behind the ear!

Some have little choice in the short term. From 2001 the United States claimed that position, aIDS is also a form of tied aid. He explains how throughout history – some aid has indeed been quite damaging for the recipient, many are aware of the use of a tourniquet to stop large bleeding in the extremities. The above talks a lot about numbers and attempts to address common questions about who gives what, doctors and nurses.

Roodman also admits that many, texas assisted in relief operations from 1 September. Norwegian Red Cross and the UN. Type 2 diabetes is common and if you or a family member suffers from it – celox for arterial bleeding and something for wounds greater than just a bandage. Despite the loss in GNI in 2009 due to the financial crisis; it’s a restricted substance where I live and in most of the West.

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