Format A configuration file is a free-form Filter commands in unix pdf text file with a structure that is similar to that of a Makefile, with the default name Doxyfile. The file may contain tabs and newlines for formatting purposes. The statements in the file are case-sensitive.

The file essentially consists of a list of assignment statements. If the same tag is assigned more than once, the last assignment overwrites any earlier assignment. The include file is searched in the current working directory. You can also specify a list of directories that should be searched before looking in the current working directory. The configuration options can be divided into several categories. Below is an alphabetical index of the tags that are recognized followed by the descriptions of the tags grouped by category.

The default is UTF-8 which is also the encoding used for all text before the first occurrence of this tag. This name is used in the title of most generated pages and in a few other places. The default value is: My Project. This could be handy for archiving the generated documentation or if some version control system is used.

The maximum height of the logo should not exceed 55 pixels and the maximum width should not exceed 200 pixels. Doxygen will copy the logo to the output directory. If a relative path is entered, it will be relative to the location where doxygen was started. If left blank the current directory will be used. Doxygen will use this information to generate all constant output in the proper language.

Doxygen will use this information to generate all generated output in the proper direction. Possible values are: None, LTR, RTL and Context. Set to NO to disable this. Note: If both HIDE_UNDOC_MEMBERS and BRIEF_MEMBER_DESC are set to NO, the brief descriptions will be completely suppressed. Each string in this list, if found as the leading text of the brief description, will be stripped from the text and the result, after processing the whole list, is used as the annotated text. Otherwise, the brief description is used as-is. Constructors, destructors and assignment operators of the base classes will not be shown.

Stripping is only done if one of the specified strings matches the left-hand part of the path. The tag can be used to show relative paths in the file list. If left blank the directory from which doxygen is run is used as the path to strip. Note that you can specify absolute paths here, but also relative paths, which will be relative from the directory where doxygen is started.

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