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So sind die Hecktüren Ihres Fahrzeuges frei zugänglich. Wird über den mitgelieferten Adapter direkt mit dem Fahrzeugchassis verschraubt. Technische Service Literatur vom TEC Verlag zur Reparatur, Wartung und Bedienung ihres Citroen. Unser Angebot umfasst original Hersteller Werkstatthandbücher, Reparaturanleitungen, Reparaturleitfaden, Wartungsanleitungen, Ersatzteilkataloge, Betriebsanleitungen und Bedienungsanleitungen sowie Schaltpläne und Stromlaufpläne. Sollten noch Fragen zur Artikelauswahl offen sein sprechen sie uns an, wir helfen gerne die passende Literatur zu finden. Ein “Technik Wiki” zum Thema Service Literatur haben wir Ihnen hier zusammengestellt.

Mit unseren Unterlagen reparieren, warten und pflegen sie ihr Fahrzeug selbst, sie sparen Reparaturkosten und sorgen für Zuverlässigkeit und Werterhalt. Bitte achten sie bei der Auswahl ihrer Artikel immer auf das Modell, Baujahr und enthaltene Kapitel und Baugruppen. Please read before using this equipment. Veuillez lire avant d’utiliser cet appareil. Léalo antes de utilizar este equipo. Fletchamstead Highway, Coventry CV4 9TW, U. Phone 945-283588 ALPINE ELECTRONICS France S.

25 CAUTION 9 Facebook Notification Function . Page 4: Table Of Contents Setting the Additional AUX BOX . 40 Setting the Vehicle type . 40 Listening to the Radio . 53 If a Menu Screen Appears 65 Interruption Function . 54 Numeric Keypad Input Operations .

54 Displaying the Top Menu Screen News Programme Interruption . Page 6: Table Of Contents Deleting the Phone Book Entries . 74 In Case of Difficulty . 86 Searching in the Phone Book 74 If this Message Appears . 87 Specifications 88 Bluetooth Audio END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT Playback . Page 7: Product They contain instructions on how to use this product suggestions if the navigation system instructs you to perform an in a safe and effective manner.

Alpine cannot be responsible for unsafe or illegal manoeuvre, places you in an unsafe situation, or problems resulting from failure to observe the instructions in this routes you into an area which you consider unsafe. Page 8 INSTALL THE PRODUCT CORRECTLY SO THAT THE DRIVER CANNOT WATCH USE THIS PRODUCT FOR MOBILE 12V APPLICATIONS. VIDEO UNLESS THE VEHICLE IS STOPPED AND THE EMERGENCY Use for other than its designed application may result in fire, electric shock or other injury. Page 9: Caution If you have problems, do not attempt to repair the unit yourself. The wiring and installation of this unit requires special technical Return it to your Alpine dealer or the nearest Alpine Service Station skill and experience.

To ensure safety, always contact the dealer for servicing. Alpine accepts no responsibility for lost data, etc. Page 11: Favourite Function Features The screen design used in the Owner’s Manual may differ from the actual screen. Favourite Function Frequently used functions such as the Audio source or Navigation are easily recalled. Register them to the Favourite screen. Page 12: Switching The Audio Sources Screen To A Dedicated Screen Switching the Audio Sources Screen to a Dedicated Screen You can switch the Audio Sources screen to a dedicated screen by touching the icon on one of the four edges of the screen, or by swiping vertically or horizontally. Audio full Screen Touch , or Touch , or swipe to the right.

Dual Screen Touch , or Touch , or swipe to swipe to the right. Turning the System On Press to adjust the volume. With the Alpine system, when the ignition key is turned to ACC or ON, RESET switch the opening screen will be automatically displayed. The system of this unit is reset.

Page 15: Initial System Start-up Initial System Start-Up Touch Screen Operation Be sure to press the RESET switch when using the unit for the first time, You can operate the system by using the touch panel on the screen. Touch to change to the Function mode. Page 17: About Basic Operation For List Screen About Basic Operation for List Screen About the Shortcut Setup Screen Basic operations on the Setup list screen and the Search list screen. Displaying the Sound Setup screen, or the Shortcut Setup screen of the How to display on the list screen differs depending on the selected item. Page 18: Rear Seat Entertainment Function BASS ENGINE SQ mode Setting the BASS ENGINE SQ Setting the BASS ENGINE Type Creating the ideal Bass impact for your musical taste using BASS ENGINE SQ. Low Bass Standard: Mild low-end boost with mid-range focus for front- centre staging. Page 19: About The Menu Screen Button for changing to the Sound Setup screen.

Schriftzug und die Logos sind eingetragene Marken von Bluetooth SIG, as it is data CD, page 19: About The Menu Screen Button for changing to the Sound Setup screen. Die Alpine Connect unterstützt — page 42: Reception Setting Announcement Reception DAB Setting You can select your desired station from 8 announcement types. Verbindung zur Verfügung, page 60 Apunte el transmisor del mando a distancia hacia el apagar la unidad. Page 45 Téléchargez une application prenant en charge Alpine Connect sur votre smartphone, bluetooth Setup of the device you want to connect from the list. 53 If a Menu Screen Appears 65 Interruption Function .

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