How much will a 600 watt HPS yield? There are no simple answers to this question as each situation depends on a number of variables. Extraction techniques of medicinal plants pdf people take up growing weed and they have a variety of reasons for doing so.

In every case, you want to get the most out of your crop. Whether you’re growing for medical reasons or you just want to make a little money on the side, the overall yield is a top priority for all growers. In this article I will discuss all everything there is to know about marijuana yields. Place them in the comments below this article.

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So, a 400-watt HPS grow light can potentially translate to 400 grams or 14 oz of dried, usable cannabis. Likewise, a grow room with 1200 watts of light can yield 1. 2 kilograms or 42 oz of cannabis. Having the right equipment, adequate nutrient solutions, beneficial air quality, and other valuable factors is important for producing the highest yields possible. Making sure the plants have space to grow is also key.

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