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Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. This article needs additional citations for verification. This article may contain an excessive amount of intricate detail that may only interest a specific audience. This article possibly contains original research. Miracleman, formerly known as Marvelman, is a fictional superhero appearing in comic books published by Marvel Comics. Marvelman was created in 1954 by writer-artist Mick Anglo for publisher L.

In 1953, the American company Fawcett Comics, which was the U. Captain Marvel, discontinued the title because of a lawsuit from DC Comics. Marvelman was similar to Captain Marvel: a young reporter named Micky Moran encounters an astrophysicist, instead of a wizard, who gives him superpowers based on atomic energy instead of magic. To transform into Marvelman, he speaks the word “Kimota”, which is phonetically “atomic” backwards, rather than “Shazam”. 19 announced the forthcoming replacement of these heroes, and with issue number 25 of each title, both cover-dated 3 February 1954, they were retitled as Marvelman and Young Marvelman. Marvelman Family was added to the lineup two years later. Mick Anglo’s association with Len Miller ended in 1960.

A disgruntled Anglo then recycled some of his Marvelman stories as Captain Miracle, published under his Anglo Comics imprint, which folded in 1961. At the height of their success, the British “Marvels” saw a series of Italian reprints. Gordon and Gotch, one of Australia’s largest comics publishers, also published reprint editions. In Brazil, British Marvelman stories were reprinted in the same titles as Fawcett’s original Captain Marvel. However, in Brazil, Marvelman became Jack Marvel.

Though the Marvelman titles were successful for a considerable time, this changed abruptly in 1959 when changes in British law allowed comics to be imported from the United States. The black-and-white Marvelman books were unable to compete with the full color imports, forcing Miller to cancel Marvelman Family, downgrade the other two titles to monthly status, and use reprinted adventures for their content. In March 1982, a new British monthly black-and-white anthology comic was launched, called Warrior. Dez Skinn had decided from the beginning to revive Marvelman as one of these features, explaining, “It was always going to be Marvelman.

The Marvelman Special, cover art by Mick Austin. Warrior published a Marvelman Special collecting Mick Anglo stories within a frame story by Moore. The former Atlas Comics, renamed Marvel Comics shortly before the original Marvelman was cancelled, objected to the use of the world Marvel in the series title. In August 1985, Eclipse began reprinting the Marvelman stories from Warrior, coloured, and re-sized. They were renamed and re-lettered throughout as Miracleman to avoid further problems with Marvel Comics.

Marvelman and Aza Chorn gathering energy for the final battle with Kid Marvelman. 4, making it Gaiman’s first published Miracleman story. 17, which was published in June 1990. Three volumes were planned, consisting of six issues each: “The Golden Age,” “The Silver Age” and “The Dark Age.

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