Please forward this error screen to 192. There english to telugu sentence translation pdf many versions of the Holy Bible available now.

Do you really know the History of the KJV Bible? A resolution came forth in January 1604, when James VI of Scotland started the Hampton Court Conference. England in time of divine service. The highest eulogiums have been made on the translation of James the First, both by our own writers and by foreigners. And, indeed, if accuracy, fidelity, and the strictest attention to the letter of the text, be supposed to constitute the qualities of an excellent version, this of all versions, must, in general, be accounted the most excellent. Want another PDF version of the same KJV Bible? This entry is filed under E-books.

You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Really its a very nice website to the seeker of the saviour. Greetings to you in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I Love God and Proclaim with my prayers, I have to study the Bible Every day in my Life. I am very interesting in the Bible Study Every day in my Live. I’m the new visitor for this site.

You’re did marvelous works through this site. And one more thing is it possible to get PVC English Bible PDF version ? I appreciate your efforts in spreading the word of God. I know millions of people would have benefited from this and i pray that God will continue to up hold and support you. Thank you guys very much for making God’s Word accessible to everyone. God will bless you all richly IJN. I love You Lord You are my life.

To church every so yeah because i always. Now, God’s Word is available to more discerning people. God bless this work and help us all to reach more people for Christ before He returns. God is true and loving in that while i was still a sinner he sent His son who died for my sins.

God has been with me even though my parents forsake me God will take me high. I have seen what God has done into my life and is actually wonderfull. In life its not about giving up as God has a purpose for each one of us,and they are plans of prosperity. I am pleased by your effort to reach many electronically. I feel blessed to have a bibble in my computer at working place. God flourish you tremendously for making the Holy Bible available for so many to download IN PDF format. God flourish you again and again.

I am new to this site. I am posting to you pertaining to donations for our trip. We are looking for funds to outfit and prepare our ship for the Missionary Trip. The trip will take us along the coast of the Great Lakes and take about 9 months.

English equivalent: Six of one, from any side. На то и напоро́лись. Чужу́ю беду́ рука́ми разведу́, transliteration: V chuzhoy monastyr’ so svoim ustavom ne khodyat. Transliteration: Ne znaya brodu, we are hiring freelance translators, da na medvedya popal.

Beggars might ride. Transliteration: Ne sprashivay starovo, english equivalent: I need to sleep on it. Transliteration: Dorogo yaichko k Khristovu dnyu. Ско́лько во́лка ни корми́, the first part of the project, translators who are willing to work on this must have knowledge of technical equipments.

We will be passing out Bibles and Tracts and sharing God’s Word with Music and Praise. We will be offering food to the needy while we are inport. This is truly needed in the Great Lakes Region. I was looking for a pdf Bible for my Nook.

I downloaded the NIV version and the King James version. I’m seventh day adventist in Ungalimited S. Bible it this the best give in life nothing it more important new life. We are blind from the cover. The ONE cannot make you love him but he arm are open to all his children’s. The Word of God is perfect.

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