These legends include claims about the food and allegations of discrimination by the company. Large companies have been the subject of rumors that they substitute unusual or unethical substances encyclopedia of urban legends pdf their products, usually to decrease costs. However, the USDA mandates that all beef by-products, including cow eyeballs, be appropriately labeled. This was proven to be a hoax.

Topics of the Times – The IRA you say”. If you think you’re eating something natural”. Portuguese article, contains the original e-mail. Archived from the original on December 4, 2008. This page was last edited on 22 December 2017, at 16:08. There have been various accounts of persons who allegedly travelled through time reported by the press or circulated on the Internet.

The story was removed, was alleged to show a time traveler. This was proven to be a hoax. He filmed a short footage of the two smiling and hugging each other and showing the tattoo they had in their right arm. Archived from the original on December 4, the Mystery of the “1940s Time Traveller”: The Changing Face of Online Brand Monitoring.

The Petit Trianon in 2005, where the incident purportedly took place. Nicholas Jackson, associate editor for The Atlantic, says the most likely answer is that she was using a portable hearing aid, a technology that was just being developed at the time. A photograph from 1941 of genuine authenticity of the re-opening of the South Fork Bridge in Gold Bridge, British Columbia, was alleged to show a time traveler. It was claimed that his clothing and sunglasses were of the present day and not of the styles worn in the 40s. Further research suggested that the present day appearance of the man may not have been so new. The style of sunglasses first appeared in the 1920s. On first glance the man is taken by many to be wearing a printed T-shirt, but on closer inspection it seems to be a sweater with a sewn-on emblem, the kind of clothing often worn by sports teams of the period.

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