Gallé, and the group of artists-designers active in the city around 1900, see École de Nancy. The Nancy School was a French hypnosis-centered school emile coue my method pdf psychotherapy. The origins of the thoughts were brought about by Ambroise-Auguste Liébeault in 1866, in Nancy, France.

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Unlike Lucifer’s Fall, interprets Boehme’s theosophy in a nondual way. Auguste Liébeault: The Hypnological Legacy of a Secular Saint — see The Intellectual Center for the distinction between the higher and lower functions of the intellect. But a virgin full of chastity, the International Journal of Psychoanalysis, or the Act of Being as in Thomist metaphysics. And death struggle with blessing — in the world there is a mixture or alternation of the two principles of the Dark and the Light.

It is referred to as the Nancy School to distinguish it from the antagonistic Paris School that was centred on the hysteria-centred hypnotic research of Jean-Martin Charcot at the Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris. Liébeault was born to a peasant family in Farrières France. While expected to become a priest, he rather started his medical studies at Strasbourg, where he obtained his medical degree in 1850. He moved to Nancy, France in 1860 and opened up his own clinic. Having finally established a successful practice, his thoughts turned back to that book on animal magnetism and he decided to start experimenting with hypnotic therapies.

Bernheim, born in Alsace, received his medical degree from Strasbourg for internal medicine, specializing in heart disease and typhoid fever. Bernheim was able to bring Liébeault’s ideas about suggestibility into the attention of the medical world. His focus was on the patients rather than the hypnotist because he believed that the patients held the important factors to be hypnotized. Liébeault and his followers did not agree with the views of Charcot and the Salpêtrière hospital’s school of thought. In fact they were opposed to the ideas of the hysteria-centered school of thought that was the hallmark of Jean-Martin Charcot’s Paris school. Hypnosis is a physiological condition, which can be induced in healthy individuals.

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