This collection early retirement extreme pdf free download original posters created for The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross PBS series features quotations by famous African Americans, including leaders, intellectuals and cultural figures such as Harriet Tubman, W. All the posters can be downloaded, printed and shared. WNET’s Education Department distributed 30,000 posters to high school social studies teachers nationwide.

The posters can be used to launch discussions around the Many Rivers to Cross series and contain episode descriptions, broadcast dates, notable quotes from famous African-Americans, and short biographies of Nine Lives That Have Shaped America. The poster image features African American migrant workers from Florida on their way to harvest potatoes in Cranbury, New Jersey. The photograph was taken near Shawboro, North Carolina, by Jack Delan in July 1940. It was part of his work for the Farm Security Administration. Born a slave in Maryland, Frederick Douglass was first taught to read by his master’s wife when he was a boy, but he had to continue learning on his own, as teaching a slave to read was illegal.

Douglass escaped to the North in 1838 and became an outspoken abolitionist. His autobiography, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, was published in 1845, making him an international celebrity. Born a slave in Maryland’s Dorchester County around 1820, Harriet Tubman escaped to the North in 1849 out of fear that she was to be sold to another plantation. Shortly after her escape, she became one of the Underground Railroad’s most famous conductors. For the next decade, she returned to the South approximately 13 times and helped an estimated 70 slaves, including multiple family members, reach freedom. He published his seminal work, The Souls of Black Folk, in 1903, a collection of essays that touch on a wide range of topics including equal rights, stereotypes, and critiques of black leadership at the time.

Zora Neale Hurston was an American folklorist, anthropologist, and author. Her writing is often associated with the Harlem Renaissance—a black cultural movement that took off in the 1920s. She spent her childhood in Alabama and Florida before studying first at Howard University, and then Barnard College, where she was the school’s only black student. The internationally celebrated singer and actor Paul Robeson, an outspoken activist, first distinguished himself as an athlete and academic at Rutgers University, where he was class valedictorian. After graduating from Columbia Law School he practiced law, but racism led him to leave the field. He found success singing and acting, which he had pursued during his student days, and traveled the world.

The 96th Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States was its first African-American one, Thurgood Marshall. The great-grandson of a slave born in modern-day Democratic Republic of the Congo, Marshall was born in Baltimore to his parents, William, a railroad porter, and Norma, a teacher. He studied at Lincoln University and then at Howard University School of Law. Jack Roosevelt Robinson was born into a family of sharecroppers in Georgia in 1919. Robinson excelled at sports at a young age. While at UCLA, he was the only athlete to win varsity letters in four sports: baseball, basketball, football, and track. He left college because of financial issues and eventually joined the U.

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In 1945, Robinson returned to sports, playing a season in the Negro Baseball League. His playing attracted the Brooklyn Dodgers, who signed Robinson in 1947. Born Malcolm Little, Malcolm X dropped his last name to represent the African family name that was lost in slavery. While spending six years in prison for burglary he became an avid reader and grew increasingly interested in the Nation of Islam, a relatively new movement that, in addition to its Muslim religious teachings, also espoused black pride and nationalism. A pastor, activist, and leader in the Civil Rights Movement, Dr. The Baptist minister led the 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott in an effort to desegregate the city’s bus system.

Two years later he helped found the Southern Christian Leadership Conference where he served as its first president. He organized other civil rights protests across the South. Zami: A New Spelling of My Name, and her nonfiction work, The Cancer Journals, which documented her battle with breast cancer. Lorde was a civil rights activist and feminist and often used her writing as a space to explore and confront racism, sexism, and homophobia. The organization, which was active in the United States until 1982, promoted black self-defense and called for an end to police brutality. Growing up, how did you learn about the accomplishments and struggles of African Americans?

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