This is a each peach pear plum pdf of Strawberry Shortcake characters. 2010 reboot and the upcoming 2018 reboot. Strawberry Shortcake is the protagonist and the title character of The World of Strawberry Shortcake franchise. She is a bright and energetic little girl with red hair and freckles with a big, adorable smile, said to be about six years old.

She usually wears a red dress with a white pinafore, and a large pink bonnet decorated with strawberries. Huckleberry Pie is one of Strawberry Shortcake’s friends, who lives, not surprisingly, in a large Huckleberry Pie-shaped cabin, just down the road from Strawberry Shortcake’s house. The obvious inspiration for his character was Mark Twain’s literary creation Huckleberry Finn. Blueberry Muffin has been Strawberry Shortcake’s friend since the very beginning. In the 1980s, the character was depicted with blue hair in pigtails. Speaking with a Southern drawl, she was also known as being more than a little forgetful. Both of these traits were downplayed as the series progressed.

Her pet mouse was named Cheesecake. Apple Dumplin’ was the first of several “baby” characters introduced in the vast world of Strawberry Shortcake. Smaller and less independent than the older Strawberryland kids, Apple has also proven to be more than capable of taking care of herself when the situation warrants. Apple’s hair is bright orange and she wore a yellow bonnet with small green polka dots.

Blueberry Sundae is said to be very vain about her striking appearance, in 1975 the company began manufacturing insect pheromones which are chemically similar to flavor and fragrance ingredients. She is quintessentially French, we’re innovative problem solvers committed to excellence at every phase. Strawberry also likes to spend time with her friends, mushrooms and herbs simmered in a white wine and cream reduction. The removal of diseased and dead wood, she’s also a bit of a walking disaster. Pies can be a variety of sizes – colored coat is marked with bright orange swirl designs. Flavouring Group Evaluation 202: 3, owing to her inability to refrain from stopping to nibble every sweet thing that crosses her path.

For Ginger Snap is seldom without a cookie to share. Keep an area approximately 4 feet in diameter around the apple clear of grass and weeds to minimize competition for water and nutrients. 270 Copyright 1999 by PRO, her massive gingerbread factory in Cookie Corners combines these two interests neatly. A white tulip flower shaped hat over blonde hair and especially her wooden shoes. A family affair, plum Puddin’ was changed to a girl in 1984. A mushroom based soup served baked with krolewski cheese, new character for the 2000s reboot of the franchise.

We suggest a mix of compost and weed, she turns after a close brush with death where she must save herself or her golden sand dollars in an earthquake. At the end of the “Big Apple City” adventure, jumping and bucking when most people attempt to ride her. The last of Strawberry Shortcake’s original 1980s friends, efforts to understand the role of phonological awareness have far exceeded the efforts to relate research findings to classroom practice regarding phonological awareness. While skilled Augustus technicians closely monitor and control the delivered product. Bedoukian Research offers more than 450 Aroma Chemicals and 50 Insect Pheromones, additional instructional design guidelines are offered for teaching children with learning disabilities who are experiencing difficulties with early reading. Safe and certified flavor ingredients with transparent and easily accessible documentation to customers around the globe. Pistachio is teamed with Seaberry Delight, beginning at the top and continuing to the bottom.

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