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You can choose your language settings from within the program. This year’s Midwinter holiday efforts have been met with unusual obstacles: small stockpiles rummaged through, foods spoiling, ale casks leaking, festive clothes torn up, and crucial pembelon fruits missing. With schedules and deadlines rigid, any bigger bumps in the road might result in disaster. Who would want to keep the people of Chult from celebrating this long-revered holiday?

Please log in to add or reply to comments. Anyone else notice on the back of the Items Certs, that they display ‘Faichen’s Fantastic Faire’ ? I have fully converted your module “DDAL00-04 Winter’s Flame” for use with Fantasy Grounds for my own personal use. Please contact me if you would like it made available to others. It is prepared to a level where I would feel comfortable publishing it. How large is the Galeb Duhr? Is the “Middle” somewhere between Port Nyanzaru and Fort Beluarian?

Is there a map for this campaign? Solid Adventure, with a carnival setting. Good for any holiday, and not particularly overpowered. A very good way to introduce some newer players to game concepts. This was a very fun quick adventure for my group.

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