54 is a novel by Wu Ming first published in Italian in 2002. Wu Ming is a collective of five authors founded in 2000. The members were formerly associated with the Luther Blissett Project, and four of them wrote the international best-selling novel Q. The novel is set in Italy, download novel 18 pdf Yugoslavia, Britain and the US during the year 1954.

It has been translated into several languages. All of the editions keep the original copyright statement, which allows for non-commercial reproduction of the book. The novel presents a vast multitude of characters and sub-plots. It’s 1954, Joseph Stalin is dead, Yugoslavia is the only socialist country to have broken relationships with the Soviet Union, and the Free Territory of Trieste is contended between Italy and her bordering neighbor country. In Hollywood, Cary Grant is utterly bored with his new life after retiring from his career as a movie star.

Both Alfred Hitchcock and MI6 are trying to convince him to return to acting. Background research for the book began in 1999, after the publication of the group’s previous novel Q. Plots were outlined in the aftermath of the Kosovo War. What fools called “peace” simply meant moving away from the front. Fools defended peace by supporting the armed wing of money. Beyond the next dune the clashes continued. The fangs of chimerical beasts sinking into flesh, the heavens full of steel and smoke, whole cultures uprooted from the earth.

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Fools fought the enemies of today by bankrolling those of tomorrow. Fools swelled their chests, talked of “freedom”, “democracy”, “in our country”, as they devoured the fruits of riots and looting. They were defending civilisation against Chinese shadows of dinosaurs. They were defending the planet against fake images of asteroids. They were defending the Chinese shadow of a civilisation.

They were defending the fake image of a planet. The novel has also been seen as an elegy for the shattered dreams of the Resistance movement, as well as a depiction of everyday life after the failure of a revolution. In a 2008 speech given at Middlebury College, VT, Wu Ming 1 described the forenote to 54 as an “encrypted guide” to the poetics and allegories underlying many literary works produced in Italy in recent years, a heterogeneous narrative current which he called “New Italian Epic”. Downloadable online editions in several languages can be found here. The inclusion of Grant in the book was serendipitous and due to a mistake.

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