But I do not believe that the proliferation of information will endanger the good guys. Our society has doorways to light pdf to protect us, chief among them, is the classification of information.

I would never pass along classified information, but a far greater threat endangers the average person: ignorance. The enemies of the common man study and understand booby traps and employ them freely, not just in war. Criminals regularly set booby traps and regular folks stumble into them on the job or in recreational pursuits. Informing regular people about technologies that may be used against them makes them safer as opposed to endangering them.

D and in instruction of HE breaching, dynamic entry and EOD. So perhaps a curiosity for things that go boom worked out OK for me, as it lead to me working for the good guys. Why Should You Learn to Set Booby Traps? Even trained military personnel have a hard time avoiding booby traps even when aware they are being used.

Why ignore a technology that inflicts more than half of all casualties? It would be a fool’s errand for the average prepper, survival group or guerrilla campaign to stand toe to toe against a well-armed and trained modern military force of any size. Booby traps give a numerically inferior and under-equipped force a tool to inflict casualties while avoiding direct contact with superior enemy forces. This is especially useful in areas the enemy controls much of the time. Even rumors of or the appearance of the existence of mines, booby traps or IED’s will often inflict significant psychological effects.

This is true whether it be a small group trying to gauge whether or not it is worth the risk to loot or plan a home invasion, or enemy combatants. They do not have to be lethal to be effective. Less-lethal booby traps will not kill your own people if they slip up, but still serve as a deterrent. Inflict casualties, especially of a magnitude decreases unit combat effectiveness. When fighting groups of enemies, it is more effective to cause inflict casualties who need to transported to rear areas, removing multiple litter bearers from battle and requiring substantial treatment, care and medical supplies to treat. I cannot possibly stress this enough.

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