Please forward this error screen to 69. And once more I’ll be looking into an aspect of it, that I don’t believe I’ve digging into wordpress 3.8 pdf in detail before. Microsoft like all other software companies use versioning to differentiate the releases of their products. This applies even if the product name has nothing to do with where in the line of releases you are.

Windows 7 is a nice exception, with it actually being version 7 of Windows too. Now, we’re not counting minor releases of course. This is from a Windows Phone 6. For some strange reason you need to establish a partnership before you can read out which version your device supports. Sort of silly if you ask me, but I didn’t find any other key. It doesn’t offer much value knowing this by itself. If in doubt ask the vendor which EAS version they support.

Admittedly these numbers aren’t interesting by themselves any which way you look at it. If this is the case you probably do not have easy access to modify the source. GET methods and not a wsdl web service. To get the HTTP 200 return code you want, you have to hand craft the HTTP POST yourself. There are of course other options out there too if you have other preferences. POST string, and the request headers.

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