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Is Nursing the Right Path for You? A career in nursing is a great decision for many people. Few other professions, if any, afford the opportunity to care for a multitude of other people to such an extent as nursing. As it is not the ideal path for everyone, you must carefully consider this career choice, reflecting on your own strengths and motivations as well as what you desire most in a workplace and schedule. Healthcare facilities rely on nurses during all hours of the day and all days of the week, including holidays.

As with other prominent healthcare professions, duty sometimes calls the nurse away from important holidays and family gatherings. Many healthcare facilities offer onsite daycare as a benefit for their staff, but in other environments childcare can become a challenge for nurses as well. Prospective nurses must also consider the stressful nature of the job. Multiple demands and needs often occur simultaneously and without any warning. For example, the nursing team may have to reprioritize their work immediately when a client has a cardiac arrest or when a patient has fallen on the floor from the bed. Medical emergencies such as these often occur in the healthcare setting. If you possess these skills and want to make a positive and meaningful difference in the lives of others, then the noble and highly rewarding profession of nursing may be the ideal career choice for you.

One of the great appeals of nursing is the sheer number of pathways available for entering the field – everything from entry-level positions up to master’s degree options. For example, some unlicensed assistive personnel, like personal care aides, can be trained at no cost in a hospital or home care agency, making this career choice understandably very appealing for many people. Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in nursing, on the other hand, takes four or more years to complete and the costs of this college or university preparation are far greater than those that require less academic training in a university. At the current time, the robust job outlook for nursing and other healthcare careers remains a compelling reason for pursuing a career as a nurse. The need for healthcare services incrementally increases as the population continues to age. Not only are there more people who require care, but the aging population also presents many chronic and acute disorders that require medical and nursing care.

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