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1st Autorun Express – Create autorun CD in a few clicks No design or programming required! Let your CD or DVD automatically open your documents or display a menu when your disk is inserted into the user’s computer. Create autorun disks in a few clicks, no design or programming required! You can ensure that your users will read your documents!

If your user does not have the necessary software to open your documents, then your autorun disk will let the user know where to download a viewer software or it will install the software automatically. Your menus will automatically adapt its look to user’s operating system and font settings. You don’t need to manually position your buttons, just drag your documents to the wizard and let it do all the hard work for you! Once you complete the wizard, you can burn your disk or test autorun without burning. Want to learn more about autorun? INF – How to autorun DOC, HTML, PDF, PPT and any other document? INF – How To Create Autorun Menu?

Autorun CD basics – Introduction to Autorun CD Having questions, ideas or comments? Free-form explorer-like outliner, taskbar clock replacement, and many other. Click here to read what’s new in this version! Welcome Welcome on this auto-updated website to easily download latest stable version or good build of Chromium web browser. All links open in the current tab. A standard session cookie is used about comments form to avoid spambots. The site works perfectly without it.

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