Every summer from 2007 to 2015 the Royal Opera House staged the Deloitte Ignite festival. Lasting from between a weekend and a month, the festivals offered a series of mostly free events both outside in the Covent Garden Piazza and inside the iconic Royal Opera House, inviting people to come and deloitte brand guidelines pdf our world as you’ve never known it before.

Spring 2016 saw the start of Open Up, an exciting project to redesign the public spaces of the Royal Opera House and enhance the experience of all our visitors. Because of the impact on our public spaces during this period of construction, festivals and events such as Deloitte Ignite will not take place. Check back after the completion of Open Up in early 2018 for news of future festivals. Warby Parker and Arby’s Team Up to Create WArby’s This April Fools’ Day’Arby’s has an eye for meat. Facebook Is Rolling Out New Privacy Tools. The Good Doctor Is Bringing the 10 p. Social Commerce Is Here, But Is It Ready for the Mainstream Consumer?

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Session expired, please refresh your browser. An error has occurred, please try again later. 20,000 Medical Lectures, Dozens of Specialties All in the palm of your hand. Our advanced audio app provides the learner with greater control in managing all their educational requirements, while serving up new content based on their educational needs. The functionality to create and manage automated playlists, while, auto-populating new content. The Learner’s Digest state-of the-art media player is a one-stop shop for healthcare professionals.

Download MP3 audio files to listen to presentations on-the-go. Mobile Journal Publishing Audio-based education is an efficient, effective and popular way to remain up-to-date. Learner’s Digest has successfully created partnerships between major medical societies and the Audio Digest Foundation to expand their prominent printed medical journals into edited audio journals. Audio Journals allow organizations to expand the reach of their education by attracting incremental users who prefer audio lectures as their modality of choice. Live Streaming Web casts Learner’s Digest, in partnership with Sonic Foundry, can deliver a seamless live streaming virtual meeting service, expanding the reach of live events to healthcare professionals in other markets, both domestically and globally. Our technology allows for content to be streamed live and can also be made available to users On Demand after the meeting. A and viewer polling to allow virtual attendees to participate in the live event.

Our marketing services team can assist in marketing and selling the live, virtual meeting as a standalone product or in combination with an On Demand product. Expanding the impact of your research to the broadest audience possible with an intuitive interactive experience has never been easier. We have leveraged this experience to partner with medical associations to expand the reach and revenue associated with enduring products from live meetings. Throughout the years of working with top medical societies and institutions globally, we have uncovered some common goals shared by these organizations. Just as a consumer possesses certain attitudes, patterns of usage and willingness to pay for shampoo or a family car, so does a doctor about medical education. We use this research and our understanding of medical professionals to continually update our products and services to better meet the needs of our clients and the end-customer. Meeting Capture Technology Learner’s Digest leverages Sonic Foundry’s award-winning Mediasite technology, recently recognized by PCMA as the bestcapture solution in the market.

This flexible technology can be used to capture large annual meetings with multiple concurrent sessions as well as small one-room courses such as board review prep courses. High Resolution Capture for crisp, clear slides even with busy charts and images. Full Motion Video allows for all animations and videos to be viewed in the highest quality, critical for procedure-intensive specialties. Rapid Turnaround Time allows content to go live in 24 hours or less. Full Text Search of Slides allows viewer to instantly search and find any word on any slide. Advanced Media Player provides multiple, easy-to-use search and browse options.

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