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Start-to-Finish Library The Start-to-Finish Library offers your struggling readers a wide-selection of age-appropriate narrative chapter books written at two readability levels. How can Start-to-Finish Library help my struggling readers? Students accomplish several goals with this unique series: they practice reading fluently and with comprehension using multiple text and electronic supports, while accessing the curriculum’s required topics, genres and literature. Teacher Central puts you in control of Start-to-Finish from one convenient location. Teachers manage class lists, set individual reading purposes, select general preferences and view collected data for every book read.

Having access to this information will enable you to make data-driven decisions related to intervention, as well as monitor and report out on students’ progress. You can use Library books in a variety of ways and in a variety of settings. When so much of reading has become about testing and politics, it’s important to get back to what’s fundamental—instilling a love for reading on students who feel beaten down. Strategies that worked to combine the books with plays, movies and curriculum units. You will also learn how her district used the Start-to-Finish data collection tools for both student assessment and confidence-building, and how the books fit into their RtI triangle of reading interventions. NSSEO provides a wide variety of professional development programs which are rich in research and based in best practices. Preparing for New Alternate Reading Assessments Changing Expectations for Students with Complex Needs The special education district, NSSEO, believed that students with complex instructional needs including autism deserve to experience important works of literature like their peers.

This change allowed many of the students to hold a chapter book for the first time. Join this webinar and see how you can adapt your reading program to this new paradigm! Start-to-Finish Reading: Bringing Common Core Skills to Special Education Jerry Stemach shares how Start-to-Finish can help your students climb the staircase of complexity. This presentation is now available to watch online. Please be patient, the video may take additional time to load. Start-to-Finish Online and The Common Core How to prepare your struggling readers for the Common Core standards with Start-to-Finish Online. You’ll be excited to see how this library helps your struggling students enjoy reading and succeeding.

This presentation is available to watch online. Check out our current webinar schedule to register for one of our upcoming sessions! How Start-to-Finish Books made Jason Successful! Describes the rationale behind concept and development.

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