Webinar: Is the traditional data warehouse dead? As a follow-up to my blog Is the traditional data warehouse dead? I did a webinar on data warehouse concepts pdf download very topic for the Agile Big Data Processing Summit.

Is the traditional data warehouse dead? 11am EST for the Agile Big Data Processing Summit that I hope you can join. With new technologies such as Hive LLAP or Spark SQL, do you still need a data warehouse or can you just put everything in a data lake and report off of that? In the presentation, James will discuss why you still need a relational data warehouse and how to use a data lake and an RDBMS data warehouse to get the best of both worlds. James will go into detail on the characteristics of a data lake and its benefits and why you still need data governance tasks in a data lake. He’ll also discuss using Hadoop as the data lake, data virtualization, and the need for OLAP in a big data solution, and he will put it all together by showing common big data architectures. Microsoft has announced the public preview of Azure SQL Database Managed Instance.

Managed Instance is an expansion of the existing SQL Database service, providing a third deployment option alongside single databases and elastic pools. It is designed to enable database lift-and-shift to a fully-managed service, without re-designing the application. Database Migration Services for Azure SQL Database Managed Instance. DMS is a fully managed, first party Azure service that enables seamless and frictionless migrations from heterogeneous database sources to Azure Database platforms with minimal downtime.

What is Azure SQL Database Managed Instance? IoT use cases to learn how Microsoft IoT is already transforming your industry. The industry’s are broken out by: Manufacturing, Smart Infrastructure, Transportation, Retail, and Healthcare. Customer stories: Dozens of customer stories of solutions built in Azure that you can filter on by language, industry, product, organization size, and region. Case studies: See the amazing things people are doing with Azure broken out by industry, product, solution, and customer location. Azure solution architectures: These architectures to help you design and implement secure, highly-available, performant and resilient solutions on Azure. Pre-configured AI solutions: These serve as a great starting point when building an AI solution.

Broken out by Retail, Manufacturing, Banking, and Healthcare. Great IoT sample solutions such as: connected factory, remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, connected field service, connected vehicle, and smart buildings. I frequently present at user groups, and always try to create a brand new presentation to keep things interesting. We all know technology changes so quickly so there is no shortage of topics!

There is a list of all my presentations with slide decks. Differentiate Big Data vs Data Warehouse use cases for a cloud solution It can be quite challenging keeping up with the frequent updates to the Microsoft products and understanding all their use cases and how all the products fit together. Azure SQL Database Managed Instance Azure SQL Database Managed Instance is a new flavor of Azure SQL Database that is a game changer. What’s included The pace of Microsoft product innovation is so fast that even though I spend half my days learning, I struggle to keep up. And as I work with customers I find they are often in the dark about many of the products that we have since they are focused on just keeping what they have running and putting out fires. So, let me cover what products you might have missed in the Microsoft data platform world.

Learning to present and becoming good at it Have you been thinking about presenting at a user group? Are you being asked to present at your work? Is learning to present one of the keys to advancing your career? Or do you just think it would be fun to present but you are too nervous to try it?

Well take the first step to becoming a presenter by attending this session and I will guide you through the process of learning to present and becoming good at it. Microsoft cloud big data strategy Think of big data as all data, no matter what the volume, velocity, or variety. The simple truth is a traditional on-prem data warehouse will not handle big data. So what is Microsoft’s strategy for building a big data solution?

And why is it best to have this solution in the cloud? That is what this presentation will cover. That is what this presentation will help you answer. The Azure Data Architecture Guide has just been released! Think of it as a menu or syllabus for data professionals. What service should you use, why, and when would you use it.

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