Please forward this cupcake order form pdf screen to 172. We rounded up 50 of the best decadent desserts across the country.

I believe you eat with your eyes first. A perennial best of winner—most recently named Alaska’s top food truck—the mobile bakery offers flavors ranging from churro to strawberry lemonade. A vegan bakery that makes you forget about the fact that it is vegan is a winner in our book. Four years after the mother-and-daughters trio started whipping up recipes for pina colada and macadamia nut cookie in the lone oven in their mom’s kitchen, they’re nabbing honors for their 40-plus flavors. But Yelp reviewers agree the carrot cake is one of their best. The key, says owner and baker Sara Rutter, is their carefully developed buttercream.

Carrie Carella’s journey from bartender to owner of three locations, a mobile food truck, and more than 300 flavors. Recently named the best bakery in the state by Yelp reviewers, this shop dishes out nostalgic treats. We try and marry that with good service, creative design, and great taste. Just seven years old, the family-owned business has already been recognized by Zagat, Food and Wine Magazine, and the Miami New Times, which named them the best in the city. The Today Show’s best cupcake in the country. A decade of baking wedding cakes—and listening to requests from clients—inspired parent company Family Ties to create a spinoff store offering mini versions of their fun flavors. Among the bakery’s more inventive creations: a tomato soup-flavored option with a cream cheese buttercream.

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Swirlz Cupcakes, the oldest all-cupcake shop in Chicago, layers each buttermilk-made cake with two dollops of frosting. Few things pair better with cupcakes than cocktails. Or get your sweets and spirits in one fell swoop with this seasonal pick: a chocolate cake with Guinness mousse filling topped with a Bailey’s buttercream. Inspired to open up shop in 2008 when her brother said her red velvet treats were better than those at the famed Magnolia Bakery in New York City, Gigi Butler has expanded to 100-plus independently owned locations.

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