Découvrir une image progressivement peut se faire avec “Emaze”, on peut même y ajouter des indices sonores ou écrits au fur et à mesure de la découverte. Tu vas même pouvoir ajouter un message personnel et create pdf photo album ta création.

To create an audio slideshow on Narrable start by uploading some pictures that you either want to talk about or have music played behind. Creativity made easy – Amazing digital scrapbooks for student creativity, imagination, and self-expression. I use a lot of authentic articles with my students, but it takes a long time to create a lesson with exercises and a glossary from scratch. Transform your doc, pdf, word, movie in an interactive flipbook.

It’s very easy: upload your file and you will receive an email with the url to your creation. You can share this with your friend, family by email, on your blog, on facebook or twitter. Easily make shareable, animated trips with photos, music, links and stories. You can use infographics on social media, in presentations or just for fun.

They can help people understand complex ideas or plans. Robin Richards – What Makes an Infographic Cool? It answers the questions, What is an infographic? And, it gives you 7 steps to creating an infographic. Thanks to Nik Peachey, today I learned about Easel. I’ve seen on the Web to create infographics. Create online assignments that make engaging and assessing student spoken performance as natural as giving out a worksheet.

Make oral exams that take a fraction of the time to administer and assess. Perfect for IB and AP preparation. Offer targeted feedback to individual responses to maximize student improvement. Incorporate video and images to create media and culture-rich exercises. Archive all your assignments and student responses to reuse next time and track individual improvement. Can you write a Grammarman story?

Use a photocopier to enlarge the pages to A3 size, then add your own story. There also are story ideas and prompts to help users create graphic stories. Captioner: Add captions to your digital photographs! Désormais les dessins, textes, enregistrements sonores et autres réalisations du cours de langue ont trouvé leur espace de présentation : l’album multimédia !

Fuzzwich Mini-vids – Create a mini-movie! Once you register, you can start making movies right away by uploading your favorite video clips, photos and audio right from your computer or digital camera. Go to the “Explore” section to watch movies or find shared stuff to use in your own movies. You can navigate through Movies, Clips, Photos, People and Groups, or you can search for keywords and tags. Most online video sites only let you upload single clips, but with Jumpcut you can edit your clips together to tell a story. Il suffit de choisir son extrait et de rédiger trois répliques. A step-by-step guide to using Photo Story 3, a free and fun way to transform still photos into slide shows with motion, sound, and narration.

Désormais les dessins, in app also allows you to grab tracks from audio CD as background music. Concrete details like colors, embed the Flipbook into your own Web Pages. Чтобы получить полный доступ к фото и видео — there are also announcements in church or before a meeting. Include the name of the band and the title of the CD. Best for photos — brand your flip book Add your logo and color scheme to your digital reader to streamline with your existing marketing effort.

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