Canada goose’, is the largest wild cornell lab of ornithology handbook of bird biology pdf in the world. The Canada goose typically mates for life, and pairs remain together year-round.

Some populations remain in the same areas year-round, particularly where the species has been introduced to the south of its normal breeding range. Introduced to parts of northern Europe as an ornamental and game species, the Canada goose is now common across countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. You can view distribution information for this species at the National Biodiversity Network Atlas. Although most Canada goose populations appear to be stable or increasing, some local populations and some subspecies are more at risk.

Other potential threats to the Canada goose include oil and gas exploration in its Arctic breeding areas, lead poisoning from ingesting lead shot, and toxic pesticides. In its introduced range in the United Kingdom, the Canada goose is protected, along with all wild birds, under the Wildlife and Countryside Act. View information on this species at the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre. There may be further information about this species available via the National Biodiversity Network Atlas.

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