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Pasadena, CA 91105-2508, Department of Medicine Univ of Southern Calif, Medical School 2025 Zonal Ave. ABSTRACT This chapter reviews how improvements in sensitivity and specificity of thyroid function tests have dramatically improved clinical strategies for detecting and treating thyroid disorders. Over the past forty years, improvements in the sensitivity and specificity of thyroid testing methodologies have dramatically impacted clinical strategies for detecting and treating thyroid disorders. These ranges are only applicable to the method listed.

Tg range should be adjusted for thyroid mass and TSH status . My sincere thanks to the C-STFT committee chair Professor Linda Thienpont for informative discussions and for providing some of the data contained in this chapter. Total hormone methods require the inclusion of inhibitors, such as 8-anilino-1-napthalene-sulphonic acid, to block hormone binding to serum proteins in order to facilitate binding to the antibody reagent . RMP, the numerical value of the mean is listed. The diagnostic accuracy of total hormone measurements would be equivalent to that of free hormone tests if all patients had similar binding protein concentrations . In euthyroid pregnant subjects the major influence on TT4 is the TBG concentration that rises approximately two-fold by mid-gestation. TT3 reference ranges generally approximate 1.

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