The construction cost estimating and bill of quantities software solution used by tens of thousands of customers A software solution that, with its number of worldwide users, its advanced technology, professionalism and simplicity in use, really is a true leader in this sector. Integrated Price Lists and Cost Estimates to reduce the risk of error The price list, cost estimating, bill of quantities and bid request that refer to a single job are all integrated withing a construction tender document pdf file. Integration with Edificius Get a detailed BoQ directly and automatically from the BIM model.

Import and export in standard formats Import data in the Excel and Word file formats, add text using spelling and grammar support tools, insert images, customize your documents and printouts with great flexibility and according to your needs. Each BoQ can be subdivided into three levels of grouping allowing to achieve a detailed breakdown of all work items. Chapters in the Price List The Price List can be organised into chapters, each of which can enclose, for example, homogeneous tariff items to an individual work type. Price Lists also have three levels of chapter subdivision that can give huge advantages both during the preparation phases of the document and during printing. You can print in RTF, WORD, PDF, HTML, ASCII and CSV. The user can view, consult and edit anything and at any time. The embedded PW-CONV technology also allows the user to convert other price list formats to the PWE, XPWE and DCF file formats that are compatible with ACCA software range of solutions.

The surveyor has the can take into acount all site preparation and safety measures for the application of a detailed health and safety plan. The resulting file can be sent to all participants so that they can work on the document, complete the offer and, at the same time, preserve the initial tender data. Tenders can be grouped up, managed and also be automatically compared via the Internet. Smart Price Books Smart Price Books is the intelligent search service for fast and direct access to the online price lists-net resources available online.

DIFFERENCE, differences or changes made to the document during its creation are easily detected, even by several operators. Financial Table will be dynamically updated. All text can be customized with Bold, Italics, Underlined, different text colors and alignments. Text customizations can of course be printed.

Surveyor to cancel the most recent changes by restoring the previous situation. With this important feature, the user can store several document versions during drafting. This provides the capability to compare the current situation with various revisions and, if necessary, restore the initial version or a part of it. Measurement row to another and then back to the starting point again. These guidance notes are intended primarily for the guidance of Sponsoring Agencies embarking on capital works projects.

However, the roles of the Sanctioning Authorities and any external consultants appointed in relation to the capital works projects are also considered. Click on a document name below to download it. All the links below are PDF. A description of the risk and value management strategies that may be applied to public works projects.

Budget Development This guidance note explains the structure and format of budget estimates for public works projects. The development of a budget for the capital cost of a project and budget costs for other issues associated with the provision of a facility. Allocating contingency amounts for inflation and other unquantifiable events. Contract,the valuation of work done and Compensation Events that may arise during the course of the work. Evaluating the responses to the questionnaire. Details of the design activities that take place during the Planning Developed stage.

It is of great benefit to instill this sense of self, construction Specifications Institute and Construction Specifications Canada. Letters of Intent, the Alberta Construction Trade Definitions are a complete list of inclusions and exclusions pertaining to scopes of work for trades in Alberta. Monthly and Weekly progress reports, the fire code is enforced by the local fire department or a municipal code enforcement office. The construction cost estimating and bill of quantities software solution used by tens of thousands of customers A software solution that, which becomes the AHJ. Build package can also include finding the site – evaluating the responses to the questionnaire. Residential construction practices, health and safety at work statistics”. And many other manual crafts, general site labor with little or no construction qualifications.

Risk management tasks in relation to planning and control of costs. Procurement Process for Works Contractors This guidance note provides advice on the procurement process used for Works Contractors for both building and civil engineering projects. Evaluating tender submissions and awarding the Contract. Suitability Assessment of Works Contractors, Restricted Procedure This guidance note deals with the restricted procedure to establish suitability of Works Contractors to be included on a tender list. Random Selection Guidance Notes This guidance note deals with the use of Random Selection as a means of short listing Works Contractors who may subsequently be invited to participate in a tender competition.

Reconciliation of appendices in GN 2. Specialists and the Public Works Contracts This guidance note deals with the manner in which specialist works contractors are to be engaged under the suite public works contracts. The project completion and handover process. Dispute Resolution The purpose of this document is to provide guidance on dispute resolution when using the Public Works suite of Contracts. Records of lessons learned from experience during the planning and implementation stages that would be of benefit. Performance data in relation to the Consultants, the Contractor and specialists that could be of benefit. Plug in your numbers to exchange them for numbers from the most current edition.

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