Windows 98 SE, ME, NT 4. To learn more about configuring Internet Explorer to display PDF files with Adobe Reader, please refer to Adobe Reader Support. If you are using older versions of both Adobe Configuring windows 8 pdf and Internet Explorer on Windows and you have experienced some difficulty displaying PDF files in your browser, please refer to Microsoft Support Site or get help from Adobe Reader Support. Back to top Using Adobe Reader 6.

A Reader disc image will be downloaded to your hard drive. The disc image contains an Adobe Reader 6. Copy or drag the Adobe Reader 6. 0 folder to your hard drive. Then locate a PDF document and select Get Info in the File menu. In the Info window, click the tab: Open with. Use the dropdown menu to select Adobe Reader 6.

Adobe Reader to open all PDF documents. Please refer to Adobe Reader’s support site for more information on Adobe Reader Support. Preview is an application on OS X that allows you to view PDF files. Preview comes with OS X so you don not need to download it. When you click a PDF file, it will be downloaded to your computer and Preview will launch automatically and display the PDF file. If a PDF does not display in Preview, you can locate a PDF document and select Get Info in the File menu.

In the Info window, click on tab: Open with. Use the drop-down menu to select Preview. Back to top Using Adobe Reader 5. Adobe Reader’s download site to download and install Adobe Reader 5 on your Macintosh. I am using Windows 7 and am having trouble with my ART 2-channel USB product. I think my ART preamp is “noisy”.

How do I monitor the audio I am sending through my USB Phono Plus to my computer? I’d like to get an operation manual for my ART product how do I get one? The unit appears to power up, but no sound is coming out what’s wrong? How can I obtain warranty service for my ART gear? I need a 220-240 volt external power supply can I order a replacement from ART? My VU meter pegged as soon as I plugged into my mixing board.

I need a battery for my ART effect processor how can I get my hands on one? Dead Battery what do I do now? I want to reset my ART gear how do I do it? Can you service my older ART processor? If I put a different tube in my Tube MP, will it improve it’s sound? I need a schematic how can I get one? Can you help me with my old MXR stuff?

I know it’s discontinued, but will you make me an SGX2000? How long will two 9V batteries power the Phantom II? Q: I am using Windows 7 and am having trouble with my ART 2-channel USB product. A: Unlike previous versions of Windows, Windows 7 defaults to a single channel and adds too much gain to the signal coming though USB audio devices. Sound Settings” to get Windows 7 to work with 2-channel USB audio products.

Windows sets the Mic input gain very high by default, so this needs to be reset. Use the “Configure” button in the Sound window to access the Speech Recognition section and select “Set up Microphone” and select “Other” under the input type. Run a signal into the USB device and run the Windows 7 Speech Level Program, following the prompts. After this, the gain levels will be appropriate, and both channels if the unit will be recognized.

Q: I think my ART preamp is “noisy”. A: If you experience unwanted “noise” when you use a stand-alone preamp, please consider what your signal is and where you’re sending it. This is in fact incorrect and could be the problem. The Tube MP and other ART preamps are actually intended to output a nice fat LINE LEVEL signal. If you send that line level signal to a recorder or mixer’s Mic input, that circuit will usually add more gain to the signal. Gain on top of gain will indeed result in noise.

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