This articles covers some questions and answers you may want to know about java classpath. These questions are not very common in interviews, however I find them computer fundamental questions and answers pdf download. Some people use them for screening developers fundamental understanding of java. Beginners learning java may find this article a little more useful, however I have tried to cover questions of various complexity including simple to very difficult ones like custom class loading and hacks related to java classpath.

The classpath is the location where the Java Virtual Machine search for user-defined classes, packages and resources in any Java program. Below is a list of some java interview questions on CLASSPATH that may give you an edge over others in your next Java interview. Why Java uses Classpath parameter or environment variables? In a Java class import statements are used to access other classes. You also do a wild card import like org. Java Virtual Machine with a list of places to look. This is done by putting folder and jar files on your classpath.

Environment variables in general are a set of dynamic name value pair that can be used by processes to decide the behavior based on a system. These are supported by all modern operating systems. The CLASSPATH variable is a Java way to tell the possible locations of user classes or jar files for a Java application. In case you have not set the classpath environment variable, the default value is used as the “.

That means, the current directory is searched. When does Java read values of Classpath environment variable? Java uses the CLASSPATH environment variable to read the classes and libraries from file system. Java Compiler uses it to locate the dependent user classes and jar files to compile Java source files. How to set Java Classpath on Windows, Unix, Linux and Mac? Right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.

Click New to add a new variable name and value. Use export command to set the CLASSPATH environment variable in your system. How do I check the CLASSPATH variable is set in my machine? Setting Multiple jars using wildcard in Java classpath are allowed in Java 6 and later versions. It can be a tedious and erroneous task if you are using many third party libraries.

The specified name class does not exist. The specified name class is not visible to the classloader. The searched-for class definition existed when the currently executing class was compiled, but the definition can no longer be found. This may be a case when some dependency jar files were not included or not in classpath.

Use of reflection api can be error-prone and there is no compile-time check to validate reflection call is loading right classes, so there can be situations when some classes may not be found. How can we include Jar within a Jar in java classpath? There is no easy way to do this in current java versions. The first is One-Jar, which uses a special classloader to allow the nesting of jars. How to read a file from CLASSPATH in java?

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