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The Kano model is a theory for product development and customer satisfaction developed in the 1980s by Professor Noriaki Kano, which classifies customer preferences into five categories. Must-be Quality Simply stated, these are the requirements that the customers expect and are taken for granted. When done well, customers are just neutral, but when done poorly, customers are very dissatisfied. One of the main points of assessment in the Kano model is the threshold attributes.

These are basically the features that the product must have in order to meet customer demands. If this attribute is overlooked, the product is simply incomplete. If a new product is not examined using the threshold aspects, it may not be possible to enter the market. This is the first and most important characteristic of the Kano model. The threshold attributes are most often seen as a price of entry. Many products have threshold attributes that are overlooked.

Since this component of the product is a necessary guideline, many consumers do not judge how advanced a particular feature is. Therefore, many times companies will want to improve the other attributes because consumers remain neutral to changes in the threshold section. A performance attribute is defined as a skill, knowledge, ability, or behavioral characteristic that is associated with job performance. Performance attributes are metrics on which a company bases its business aspirations. Companies prioritize their investments, decisions, and efforts and explain their strategies using performance attributes. Performance attributes are those for which more is better, and a better performance attribute will improve customer satisfaction. Conversely, a weak performance attribute reduces customer satisfaction.

When customers discuss their needs, these needs will fall into the performance attributes category. Then these attributes will form the weighted needs against the product concepts that are being evaluated. Performance attributes also often require a trade-off analysis against cost. As customers start to rate attributes as more and more important, the company has to ask itself, “how much extra they would be willing to pay for this attribute? And “will the increase in the price for the product for this attribute deter customers from purchasing it.

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