Please forward this error screen to 108. Webinars are excellent learning compensation and reward management pdf led by ASHHRA members and partners with specific expertise in the health care HR profession. Click on the titles below to learn more about each webinar. We value our members’ expertise and encourage you to share your knowledge with your peers.

Please submit this form if you have an interesting topic and would like to be considered to present a video based webinar. Data shows that the minority population is steadily increasing. This trend will undoubtedly impact the health care workforce. An increase of diversity in leadership and governance should be reflective of the communities and patient populations it will serve, as it has been proven to directly affect care.

Millennials view the world differently than preceding generations. While often labeled disloyal, entitled and needy, they are in fact creative, open to change, tech-savvy, passionate about work that makes a difference, risk takers and collaborative. This webinar, featuring speakers from AHA’s 2017 Leadership Summit, will showcase practical techniques leaders can use to engage millennials to leverage their strengths to accelerate organizational change. Health care facilities must also be prepared to respond to mass shooting and similar no-notice events. No community or healthcare facility is immune from these types of incidents and responding to them takes significant time, resources, energy and well-coordinated, collaborative planning. In addition to local emergency medical services, all facility personnel — from leadership to admissions to physicians — play an important role in preparedness, response, and recovery.

Built on Respect, Powered by Empathy is one of Boston Medical Center’s three core values. That core value is central to all BMC staff do in the care provided for patients with substance use disorder. So, they launched a campaign Words Matter using language that de-stigmatizes the disease of substance use disorder. Do They Love You or Will They Leave You? Cafe Classic: You Made a Mistake? Cafe Classic: Are You a Copy Cat?

Do You Want A Compensation Leader? Ann Bares on Cafe Classic: Can Incentives Rise Above the Bad Rap? Paul Hebert on Cafe Classic: Can Incentives Rise Above the Bad Rap? Chuck Csizmar on Will You Take Seasoning With That? I have both friends and clients who have been struck by an unfortunate dilemma. I have clients who need to realign pay for people who have been told they were top performers when, in fact, they are less than adequate. In both cases it seems more like senior managers were trying to be nice, rather than sneaky.

Why have confrontation when you can have everyone like you? It’s easier to be nice to everyone. Many managers have made this their approach to leading their staff. Rather than point out flaws, they point out only the positives.

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