Page 2 Introduction You have opted for a Škoda – our sincere thanks for your confidence in us. Your new Škoda offers you a vehicle featuring the most modern engineering and a wide range of equipment which combi brake system pdf will undoubtedly wish to use to the full during your daily motoring. Page 5: Table Of Contents Technical changes Fabia – Vehicles of the group N1 . The section is continued on the next page.

Page 8: Using The System Cockpit Using the system Fig. 1 Certain items of equipment shown in the illustration are only fitted to particular model versions or are optional items of equipment. Page 10: The Brief Instruction, Basic Functions And Important Information The brief instruction The brief instruction Basic functions and important information Setting steering wheel position Introduction The chapter of the brief instruction is only used as a quick reference of the most important operating elements of the vehicle. You must not adjust the steering wheel when the vehicle is moving!

For safety reasons the lever must always be firmly pushed up to avoid the steering wheel altering its position unintentionally when driving – risk of accident! Switching lights on and off Fig. 7 Inner part of door: Fig. Page 15 The brief instruction Opening the bonnet Inspecting the engine oil level Fig. 15 Radiator grille: Locking lever Fig.

17 Dipstick Engine oil must not be refilled. Warning Lights General view of the instrument cluster Fig. 15 When the lights are switched on, the instrument cluster is illuminated. Cleveland OVEN STEAMER Operator’s Manual Combi oven-steamer. Page 2 Do not connect Combi steamer-oven drain connection to any drain material This Operation Manual is a part of your new Cleveland Range combination oven steamer. Page 3 CLEVELAND RANGE agrees to repair or replace, at its option, f.

Page 5 Use and Care Video: After your Equipment Demonstration, your sales representative will present and explain your free copy of the Cleveland Range Use and Care Video. Combi video release expected in September 2005. Consult your Customer Service Directory or call Cleveland Range at 216-481- 4900 to begin your free Start-Up Program. Use caution, and wear DRY heatproof oven mitts when loading, unloading, or reaching into the oven compartment. Do not place containers with liquid contents or contents that become liquid on oven racks higher than you can see into the containers.

Page 8 Safety The Preheat Bridge and Oven Compartment can be HOT. Use caution when removing the Preheat Bridge from the Oven Compartment. Handle with DRY heatproof gloves or mitts. Before each use of the Combi, Inspect the door glass, door gasket assembly, shelves, racks, and accessories for proper installation and cleanliness. Allow only qualified Cleveland Range authorized service representatives to service the Combi. Use only Cleveland Range, LLC factory authorized repair parts. Use the hand shower only on the inside of the oven.

Combis must never be used to cook foodstuffs in sealed containers not designed for this purpose. Combis must never be used to heat flammable items such as oils, fats, cloths, or similar items. Page 12 Safety LEAKING GAS CAN CAUSE FIRE OR EXPLOSION. INJURY, DEATH, OR PROPERTY DAMAGE WILL RESULT. If the operator smells gas, or suspects there is a gas leak, immediately refer to the posted gas leak instructions.

The posted instructions are provided by the local gas supplier, and supersede any other instructions. To help your CONVOTHERM by Cleveland Combi Oven-Steamer remain in good working order, it must be serviced regularly by a qualified Cleveland Range authorized service representative. Keep the disappearing door guide rails clean. F then the steam generator high limit safety thermostat will be tripped. The boiler high limit safety thermostat must be reset by a qualified Cleveland Range authorized service technician. Hinged Removable Pan Racks for remove, replace, and latch action.

Set the Foot Brake when loading or unloading dishes onto or from the Trolley. Use the Trolley Handle to push the Transport Trolley into the oven chamber. Push the Shelf Rack Trolley or Transport Trolley to the Stop Position in the oven chamber and set the Foot Brake. Read, understand, heed and obey and obey and obey, and follow all directions on the descaler label, MSDS, and related documents 3. Never operate the Combi Oven-Steamer when a descaler has been applied or while descaling. Descale only when the Combi is cold.

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