Where have all the mentors gone? Image Clinical avian medicine and surgery pdf: Can you name that ophthalmologic condition? Can you afford that new veterinary equipment? What three of dvm360’s smart veterinarians are reading VETTED – Mar 13, 2018Drs.

Hilal Dogan, Dave Nicol and Sarah Wooten share the books that are blowing them away right now and helping them prep for Fetch dvm360 in 2018. The feline facets of Cushing’s disease VETERINARY MEDICINE – Mar 06, 2018Unregulated diabetic? Your feline veterinary patient might have Cushing’s! David Bruyette shares everything you need to know about diagnosis and management of cushingoid cats. A look inside 2018’s Specialty Hospital of the Year VETTED – Mar 01, 2018Veterinary architect Heather Lewis points out what makes this specialty hospital so, well, special. From Chile to chill parenting: Where Dr.

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David Bruyette draws inspiration and enjoyment FIRSTLINE – Feb 21, 2018Dr. Bruyette may like his adventures and ambitions to be big, but when it comes to veterinary patients, he prefers small. DVM360 MAGAZINE – Mar 27, 2018By dvm360. It’s your turn to be the mentor you want to see in the veterinary world. Letter to dvm360: Society’s regression is to blame for culture of sexual harassment DVM360 MAGAZINE – Mar 26, 2018By Ronald L. When left untrained, people revert to instinctual behavior just like dogs, reader maintains. Human-animal bond certification program now available DVM360 MAGAZINE – Mar 26, 2018By dvm360.

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