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Please forward this error screen to 74. US 522, and it continues through the east end of the city, along North East Lane, National Avenue, and finally Berryville Avenue. SR 7 enters Clarke County from Frederick County, crossing Opequon Creek, and continues towards the town of Berryville. Berryville and passes through the town, while the main route bypasses the town to the north. SR 7 enters the rural western part of Loudoun County as the Harry Flood Byrd Highway at Snickers Gap, and then it descends out of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Round Hill, where another SR 7 Bus.

SR 7 continues towards the well-developed eastern half of Loudoun County as a four-lane divided highway with some at-grade intersections, and it passes through Clarke’s Gap in Catoctin Mountain. SR 7 between SR 9 and East Market Street. However, due to highway budget restrictions, this project was put on hold in June 2008. Old Dominion Trail just before the US 15 bypass splits off from SR 7 in eastern Leesburg, and then SR 7 Bus. SR 7 continues on through the eastern half of Leesburg, with six lanes. SR 7 has been planned to be rebuilt as a controlled-access highway through eastern Loudoun County.

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To accomplish this, highway interchanges would be constructed to replace the ordinary intersections at Belmont Ridge Road, Loudoun County Parkway, and Ashburn Village Boulevard. SR 7 passes by numerous housing subdivisions and businesses before it reaches an interchange with SR 28, close to the Fairfax County line in Sterling. SR 7 is named Leesburg Pike all the way across Fairfax County, where it is mainly a suburban route. It continues through Fairfax County, passing by subdivisions and strip malls. OD Trail in the city’s west end. SR 7 enters the City of Alexandria from Fairfax County and briefly forms the border between the Alexandria and Arlington County, and then intersects I- 395. One extra lane on each side between I-81 and the Opequon Creek.

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