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Rowen, killing malignant tumors is usually not difficult: the biggest challenge comes about afterward, to keep tumors from coming back once the patients leave the clinic and resume their normal lifestyles and diets. Blaylock, “It’s important to remember that secondary cancers are not recurrences of a previous cancer but entirely new cancers caused by the treatment. Most often, the secondary cancer is much more resistant to treatment than was the original cancer. Two weeks ago, I told you about Sarah Hershberger, the 11-year-old Amish girl whose parents took her out of the country to get her treated for her cancer — without chemo.

The mainstream media lit up with concern for the girl — at the hands of these dangerous parents of hers. How dare they risk her life by denying her chemo! In the past few years, we’ve discovered that chemo frequently causes secondary cancers, can actually FEED tumors, and that chemo traumatizes the brain for years. And still, the mainstream wants to force this little girl — and millions of others — to take this dangerous “treatment” at all costs. Now it turns out, “at all costs” may be exactly what doctors are thinking when they prescribe chemo.

Believe it or not, even with all the dangers and risks, mainstream medicine has decided it’s okay to introduce off-label use of chemo. Off-label use is essentially unregulated use. It means the FDA hasn’t approved — or even studied — the drug for the use the doctor prescribes it for. That’s why this new information on chemo is so shocking. Researchers followed prescribing records of 10 chemotherapy drugs.

They found that oncologists prescribed the drugs off-label in nearly one-third of all cases! Now, in many of those cases, doctors followed guidelines of the National Comprehensive Care Network. But as Reuters notes, some researchers have criticized NCCN for possible conflicts of interest. So this is a slippery set of guidelines, at best. But then there’s the “loose cannon” 10 percent. And that’s giving doctors the benefit of the doubt.

In many instances, they prescribe chemo knowing the odds of success are nil. But they probably think they can give the patient some hope and the payday isn’t too shabby. So — 10 percent — if you’re thinking that doesn’t sound like much, hang on to your hat. One researcher told Reuters that cancer patients and their doctors are “willing to try things where there isn’t as much data as you would like.

She says they’re, “looking for anything with a benefit. Most oncologists would never even consider the benefits of intravenous ascorbic acid. IAA has plenty of successful cancer case studies to back up its use. But mainstreamers dismiss it as quackery. And yet, these doctors are willing to risk billions of their patients’ dollars on brutal chemotherapies that don’t even have case study support.

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