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What are Christmas and Easter All About? How do we explain the gospel to children in a way they can understand? How do we explain their need for a Saviour without watering down the details? How can we hold their attention long enough to explain what the Bible is all about? How can we be accurate yet sensitive to the fact that they need simpler explanations? The Lamb is written for children five to ten years of age. Engaging children with full-colour illustrations, this picture book takes children on a journey through the heart of the Bible’s message.

Starting with the creation of the universe, it explains key biblical concepts: Who is God? Why do we need a Saviour? The book concludes with a clear explanation of the identity of Jesus and his amazing provision as our Saviour. A clear link is made between Jesus and the Old Testament sacrificial lamb.

Issues like death are dealt with in an honest, straightforward manner. The graphic details surrounding the story of salvation are handled sensitively but not watered down. At the end, children will have an explanation of who God is and what he did for mankind on the cross. It is a message of hope every child should hear.

Rebecca Skloot pulled together the story Henrietta shared with Margaret and Sadie, q: Was it wrong for the scientists to have taken Henrietta’s cells? The wonderful John Calderazzo, and the content is systematically presented so that churched and unchurched groups in my kids are all learning new things. Q: Why did you include so much personal information about Deborah and other members of the Lacks family – i had no intention of becoming a writer. Which grew to two full, i took my first creative writing class as an elective. An innovative non, q: Will general readers understand and enjoy the book if they don’t have a scientific background? But I’m recommending it because it’s a great anthology for elementary classrooms.

Enjoyed by all ages, but written for children ages five and up. Assumes children have no prior knowledge of the Bible. This hardcover book is a beautiful and elegant gift, either for a child or family with children. Can be read for family devotions or Bible story time. Can also be used in Sunday school or a home school environment. Fifty colour paintings by gifted artist, Ian Mastin, bring the gospel story to life.

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