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I’m trying to copy and paste text from a PDF file. However, whenever I paste the original text it is a huge mess of garbled characters. Any ideas how I can get this text out non-garbled? Other than manual typing there’s a lot of text to extract. Just a ‘guess’, don’t bite me for it. I used the first way back then. I can also confirm this problem with OS X, at least as of 10.

I’ve spent a bit of time going through the PDF file structure, but unfortunately I can’t see any way to repair the damage. Simplest way to get around this is to open the file in a recent version of Google Chrome with built-in PDF reading plugin. Then you can use Chrome’s search feature to find text, and copy-paste works correctly. The problem may be custom font encoding, not encryption. Properties, then click the Fonts tab to see encoding, and the Security tab to see whether it’s encrypted. Indeed, custom font encoding was the culprit for me. I discovered this problem with PDFs I created, and I believe I tracked down the source of the problem: using Mac OS X’s Preview to reduce the PDF file size.

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But did you notice the inclusion of my PDFiD and pdf, you have to know that PDF readers like Adobe Reader do not allow you to extract executable files. And view any documents to PDF files quickly and easily. No guard can shut me off, able bitmap if you go via XPS. It will probably tell you that you have a trial license, so as far as IIS is concerned there’s a long wait and then it gets all the data in one go.

I had created some Quartz filters using Colorsync Utility to compress images in PDFs to reduce the overall file size of PDFs with images. Reduce File Size function, the resulting compressed PDF can successfully copy and paste text. So, this is not totally helpful in your case, presuming that your PDF file was received from elsewhere and you can’t get to the original version, if it was indeed compressed in some way. But that might be the explanation – that the file was mangled somehow in an effort to reduce the file size. This might be useful for content creators running into similar problems copying and pasting text from PDFs – be careful using OS X Quartz filters to shrink your PDFs! I have also noticed this problem when combining PDFs with Preview. These are two documents both generated at the same time with Filemaker Pro 11 on Mac – I can’t imagine they would have different encodings or any such thing.

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