My family lived in Rainham from 1946 until about 1976. I was 8 when we arrived and remember the place vividly as it was until I drifted away at the age of 13, first to go to school in Rochester, then university, then overseas. My sister Mary was 1 when we moved in, and my other sister Susan was born during the born in shame nora roberts pdf winter of 1947 which got Rainham in its grip as everywhere else.

As other people have noted on this website, Rainham was then still essentially a village surrounded to the east and south by orchards, hop gardens, fields and woods. At the beginning our lives were focussed on the village. At first, I went to St Margaret’s C of E Primary School at the top of Station Road. This was a substantial two-storey building of brick and flint with a tree in the grounds and concrete steps outside leading to the upper floor where the senior pupils were taught by the headmaster. Thinking of the butcher raises another matter. The immediate post-war period was a time of real austerity.

No-one had any money, we all looked shabby and everything was rationed. As everyone will tell you, we had to make a lot of our own amusements. Money Barney’ he would say as he dished out the equivalent of 10p to the lucky winner. Working the radio wasn’t that easy. For us children, there was plenty to enjoy. We used to go down to the Chalk Pit in Berengrave Lane to find newts and come back with sticklebacks and tadpoles in jam jars. There were the wonderful Rainham Woods to play cowboys and Robin Hood in: they seemed huge and started just south of the fields near Arthur Road and filled the space between Wigmore and Jack Clark’s farm and hop gardens in Meirscourt Road.

A significant event occurred in 1947-8. C of E Primary School to the new one. I enjoyed the Camp School but I don’t think it did much for the social cohesion of Rainham. At that time every British community seemed to be filled with petty snobberies and imaginary or real social gradations: most streets contained people who thought they were better and posher than those in the next. There were also a number of squatters still living in the more remote bits of the old camp. These were people who had been bombed out in London or the Medway towns during the war and had moved into the first empty property they could find. At the Camp School gate lived one such family called Pickering who had a boy who was a fellow pupil.

It was at the Camp School that they discovered I was short sighed. I have worn glasses ever since, and my first pair was supplied by Patrick Duff who had just opened a practice on the rise past the Post Office and Ivy Street. Mr Duff was youngish and pleasant with a grey suit and a little moustache. In fact he looked and dressed very much like the Reed brothers who ran the barber’s shop next to Cremer’s and Rainham Radio and opposite the Bughutch. The different social circumstances of the three Rainham primary schools however were not reflected in the results.

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Strangely, hardly any boys from the area passed the 11 plus examination and we all found ourselves at the Secondary Modern School in Orchard Street. But I can say most emphatically that it was not. Mr Bacon was supported by a team of teachers, many of whom had just left the forces or had recently graduated. Mr Springall had been in the Royal Marine Band. The last taught music and ran the school choir. When I went to school in Rochester I gradually lost touch with Rainham. And at the weekend I was obsessed with homework.

Reply to Margaret: My Tottman Grandparents lived in Nursery Rd. Tottman lived next door to you, in Maidstone Road from 1939 – 1952. Solomon Rd, then the Camp School, followed by Orchard Street, passing at 13 to go to Chatham Technical for Girls. I also remember Mr Rivers, Mr Burrows at the Camp School and the Pirates of Penzance performance! This is a very interesting article about your younger years in Rainham.

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