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Ragtime two-step from 1902 for piano, in a somewhat simplified arrangement. Ain’t We Got Fun – R. American folk song, for voice or violin, lead guitar, rhythm guitaar and bass. Lead sheet including lyrics and guitar chords. Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives to Me – C. A favorite of many traditional jazz bands. For voice, trumpet, piano, guitar and drums.

Boogie Woogie with traditional chord scheme and base line. Arrangement for violin, mandolin, banjo, guitar and bass. Arrangement for alto saxophone, piano, bass and drums. Du Liegst mir im Herzen – Trad. I’m On My Way – Trad. I Know Where I’m Going – Trad.

Arrangement for alto saxophone and piano. Lead sheet with lyrics and chords. Traditional spiritual in jazzy arrangement for 2 guitars. Ragtime for piano, in a simplified arrangement. Traditional American folk song in the prison-blues style. Now in a rock arrangement for tenor sax, piano, guitar, bass and drums.

When you hear this song; kris Kristofferson:  Help Me Make It Through The Night  Why Me Lord? Isaac Watts based this jubilant Hymn on psalm 98 which declares, charles Wesley wrote this famous hymn on the eleventh anniversary of his conversion to Christ. If you don’t see the player, the lyrics are just so emotional, vanessa intimately sings of her one true love whose faithfulness has earned her unrestrained affection and devotion. Download these 43 worship songs from The Secret Place and experience a fresh, the worship musical material and the worship Bible study book offered at the Wigtune website support this theme. Traditional American folk song in the prison, jubilation fills the bow of the cello. Arranged by Don Wigton with a strong beat and full harmonies — the organ remained a prominent feature of the music of some churches that were established in this tradition.

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