After enduring negative reports on his character for more than a month, the fired VA Secretary blasts big data fraud detection pdf in the government with personal agendas. POLL: What’s next for VA’s EHR plan? Now that President Trump has officially removed Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin, the future is uncertain for the department’s EHR project. The president announced the news on Twitter, and it is still unclear what the shakeup means for Cerner’s pending deal to overhaul the agency’s EHR.

In the wake of an onslaught of cyberattacks, the agency is reminding providers that HIPAA requires organizations to have a plan to keep patient data protected. Lamar Alexander, the bill would improve the FDA’s infrastructure to support real-time data sharing between the agency and Customs and Border Protection. Wlaschin also says HHS cybersecurity efforts are not as dire at they might appear. Change Healthcare study reveals an innovative and collaborative mosaic of activity across the nation. Christopher Wlaschin is stepping down at the end of March for family reasons, but his departure comes amid controversy surrounding the abrupt removal of two cybersecurity leaders. Providers can now view a complete picture of a patient’s prescribing history to help combat doctor shopping.

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