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D365FO, so I thought I’d gather everything into one post. The Entity Store is a new database dedicated to Reporting and Analytics, in other words, it is optimized for Reporting purposes. It enables scheduling incremental refresh jobs via the AX batch framework and will pull the data from the transactional database for AX and push the data into the Entity Store database. All the Power BI Report Models published by Microsoft are using the Entity Store as a datasource. An aggregate measurement is a model that contains a collections of measures together with their corresponding dimension, much like a cube, but these are using in-memory technology and are realtime.

Are you coming from an Dynamics AX 2012 installation you can upgrade the existing cubes into aggregate measurements. OData Feed For ad-hoc reporting and self-service reports you can use OData endpoints to access your data. In my example I’m connecting via Power BI. This is a great and easy way to create reports for the end users and power users. Note that the Odata feeds does not play well with large volumes of data, if you are going to report on a lot of data, use the Entity Store.

The report models are pre-built reports and dashboard within various modules of D365FO can be published to your customers environment and they will work out of the box. This gives the customers a great starting point when it comes to reporting in D365FO. These reports are leveraging the advantages of the Entity Store which gives the users near-realtime refreshed data. We can integrate Power BI with D365FO and insert dashboards and tiles directly into the D365FO client. Take a look at this guide on how to enable this feature.

Power BI embedded is not enabled. No, SSRS is still a big part of D365FO and is mostly used for Business Documents like invoices, packing slips and picking lists, but also for traditional ERP reports. There hasn’t been a lot of changes to the SSRS platform in D365FO, except for the on-premise version where the reports are opening as a PDF file instead of in the Report viewer. Microsoft Excel Excel is also deeply integrated in D365FO. You can use Excel for both reporting and to update data back to Dynamics.

Remember the Dynamics AX-addin for AX2012? There’s a new Excel Data Connector Addin for D365FO which enables Excel to become a seamless part of the system and enables the users to change and quickly analyze data. This is a great feature that will be heavily used by the end users, especially finance people who just loves to work in Excel. This will open up Excel and give you a predefined Sales Order template you can use for importing data or for reporting. Management Reporter or Financial Reporting as it is called in D365FO is, like SSRS, still a part of the ERP system. There hasn’t been a lot of changes to this Reporting Tool either, but the biggest change from previous versions is that the reports now run inside the client rather than just in a separate window in a browser. Personally I think this is a lot better and it gives a better feel to it all when everything just runs inside the same client.

There has also been changes to the database structure. After restoring or copying the Finance and Operations database from another environment you will have to reset the datamart. You can check out this guide to go through the detailed process. AX2012 and I currently like what I see in the new version of Dynamics, Power BI and the integration with the application being the coolest feature of them all. With Power BI and self service BI incorporated within the ERP-system it gives the users access to the data they need whenever they want it. So what about cubes, ETL possibilities and external sources? As far as is know now, this is not possible or you need to do this through the OData feed, which is severely lacking the capability to handle big data amounts.

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