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German engineer and artillery officer who served during the First and Second World Wars. He was born and raised in Krefeld. During the winter of 1943-44 Becker’s work focused on equipping the 21st Panzer Division. He used the tracked carriages of French light tanks to mobilize the 7. 5 cm Pak 40 anti-tank gun and the 10. During the First World War Becker served as an artillery officer. For his service he was awarded the Iron Cross 2nd and 1st class.

Following the armistice Becker attended university and earned a doctorate in mechanical engineering. On 28 August 1939 Becker was called up to serve in the 227th Infantry Division “Rhine-Westphalian”, drawn from the Krefeld area during the 3rd wave mobilization. In December 1939 Becker’s division was re-assigned and became a part of Army Group B under command of Generalfeldmarshall Fedor von Bock, in preparation for Fall Gelb. Becker’s artillery regiment was re-numbered the 227th Artillery Regiment.

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While his unit was at Amersfoort Becker came across the abandoned motor transport of a well-equipped Dutch artillery regiment. There were a large number of heavy vehicles which he believed he could use. To pull the artillery pieces, a battery such as Becker’s depended on the use of 126 horses. Following the German victory in France in July 1940 the 227th Division was assigned occupation, security and coastal defense duties along the Normandy coast near Le Havre. Becker’s first conversion vehicle: the 10. Though the men in his battery had occupation duties, like Becker they were from Krefeld, an area with a strong manufacturing heritage. Many of his men had worked in manufacturing jobs and were skilled metal workers.

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