Sean Farnham says Loyola-Chicago has had the advantage with the pressure off them and the attention on Basketball and other things pdf Jean. Here are some Tournament Challenge following Thursday’s set of Sweet 16 games.

349 out of 17,304,320 brackets correctly placed No. 9 Florida State in the Elite Eight. 11 Loyola-Chicago would face each other in the Elite Eight. Wildcats to win the matchup and advance to the Final Four. 6 percent of entries correctly predicted that No.

9 Florida State would square off in the Elite Eight. 4 percent picked Michigan to knock out FSU and advance to the Final Four. It’s time to find out how your bracket is holding up. 3 Michigan — Elite Eight: 32.

Will the top seeds advance, or will lower seeds again bust brackets? We’re breaking down the field game by game. Need a new team to root for? Sister Jean Dolores-Schmidt, the 98-year-old Loyola-Chicago team chaplain, discusses her relationship with the Ramblers and guiding them to the Sweet 16. Recruit and return: Projections for NCAA tournament’s top teams Can the NCAA tournament’s top teams make another run next year? That’ll be determined, in large part, by their recruiting. Here’s what the future holds for these teams.

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